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We are a family-owned, sawmill and wood products business located in Southern Minnesota producing produce custom wood products using environmentally sensitive techniques: hardwood live edge slabs, table and bar tops, mantels just to name a few . Our products are all made from locally sourced materials; we specialize in working with both new, rescued logs as well as reclaimed barn timbers from our area.

We are environmentally sensitive. We do not use heavy equipment that can compact the earth nor do we cut down live, healthy trees to make our products. We keep trees from the landfill. Recycle the wood. Save money and the environment!

We are cutting new thick slabs on a daily basis -- both with and without live edges. We also have many slabs that are currently air drying that have not yet made it to our shopping cart. If you do not see the slab you need, visit

Let us know what you need and we will do the best we can with the available slabs, time and logs.

Dealer inquiries are welcome.  Contact


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